Filter Columns

Column filters can be added as part of your model (e.g. Piotroski F-score > 6) but they're also often used to filter out extreme or negative values (e.g. P/E < 0).

To add a column filter, click on the filter icon in the column header. A filter menu will show where you can specify up to 2 filters for this specific column. The filter menu will show different options for numbers, dates or text. After entering the filters, click on the 'Filter' button.

You can set filters on as many columns as you need. When a column is filtered, the filter icon in the column header will have a white background. Filters can be cleared in 2 ways:

  • By clicking on the filter icon in the column header and pressing the 'Clear' button.
  • By clicking on the 'Reset Table Filters' button in the table toolbar. This will remove all filters and sorts from the grid.
Filter Columns