17,4 pct better than the index for the year to date

Tim du Toit 13 Nov 2012

Dear Fellow Investor. We honestly didn't think it would work as well.

  • In 2010 the newsletter tracked the index as the portfolio was started.
  • In 2011 during the sovereign debt crisis the newsletter gave up a bit of outperformance.
  • In 2012 the value subscribers invested in was finally recognised and outperformance really took off.

For the year to date the newsletter has outperformed the STOXX 600 index (incl. dividends) by 17,4%, and there is still just less than two months to go.

This is perhaps better shown in a chart:

Portfolio performance November 2012

Performance of the newsletter (blue line) against the STOXX 600 index including dividends (orange line)

Not too late for you to benefit

Can I still benefit if I subscribe now, you may be thinking.

No one knows where the markets are going in the future but looking at the number of undervalued companies we are finding in Europe at the moment, there's a very high probability that the good performance will continue.

Furthermore, over the past 9 months, we just started implementing the results of our recently published research paper, Quantitative Value Investing In Europe: What Works for Achieving Alpha. When you subscribe to the newsletter, you get the study worth €99 for free (a 47% discount), but more on that later.

Best performing strategy past 12 years

In the paper, we wanted to find out what the best performing investment strategy would have been in the European stock markets over the past 12 years (June 1999 to June 2011).

As you know, the past 12 years was not an easy time for you as an investor as it included the bursting of the Internet bubble, the bursting of the US property bubble, the bankruptcy of Lehman Bros as well as the European sovereign debt crisis.

1100% vs. 30%

The performance of the best investment strategy we found will astound you. Over the 12 years, the strategy returned more than 1100% compared to just over 30% of the market. I'm sure you agree that this is an outstanding return.

Top 10 all over 730%

In fact, the top 10 strategies we found all returned more than 730% over the period. Since February, we have been applying what we've learned in the study, and it's also why we are very excited about the future performance of the newsletter. Back to the research paper I mentioned.

Your gift worth €99

If you subscribe to the Systematic Value Investor newsletter at the price of €209 per year, you will receive a copy of the 54-page research report (value €99) as our gift to you

47% discount

It is thus equal to a 47% discount on your yearly subscription.

Your added benefit

The research report will give you the benefit of understanding and convincing yourself of the strategies used to select the companies recommended in the newsletter. To start your subscription and to get access to all previous newsletters, click the Link below.

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