Q1: +12.8%

Olivier Dambrine 12 Apr 2021

After many years of underperformance (growth outperformed value by more than 2:1 since 2010), value stocks seem to be catching up. It’s still early doors, but value outperformed during the last three months. Comparing the iShares Russel Top 200 Growth to the top 200 Value, the performance so far was +1.3% vs. +10.5%. Let’s hope that this trend continues.

Our portfolio also seems to be on the right track. After 100 days, it has a YTD return of +12.8%. Although this beats the STOXX600 by 3.3 percentage points, it should be noted that more recent recommendations did much better. Members who joined more recently and invested an equal amount in all ideas proposed in the last six newsletters achieved an average return of +39%. Members who joined one year ago would have earned a return of 37%. So, in short, our portfolio is doing very well, but the more recent recommendations are doing way better.

This month, we discovered a French company that brings you some fun during the frustrating lockdowns.

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