And the winner is ValueSignals!

12 Jan 2020

We started our newsletter almost 10 years ago to demonstrate that our screener is a great tool to beat the market. We have rigorously implemented a selected strategy, and the results exceeded all our expectations.

Performance newsletter 2010-2019

Over the past 9.5 years, we managed to beat the STOXX600 in 8 years. If you exclude 2010, in which we only started in July and had an alpha of only -0.7, we beat the market in 8 years out of 9. In 5 of those years, the outperformance was double-digit with peaks of 48.1 and 43.6 percentage points. We only had 1 major loss in 2018, where the portfolio lost 23.6%. Across the entire period, the CAGR was 21.9% compared to only 5.6% for the market. This represents an alpha of 16.3 every year.

Performance newsletter 2010-2019

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