BRIC and Eastern European countries added!

Olivier Dambrine 27 Apr 2015

After adding India a few weeks ago, we now added Russia, Brazil and China to complete the BRIC countries.

China adds 2.313 stocks with primary listing on the Shenzen and Shangai stock markets. This comes on top of the 1.555 stocks supported in Hong Kong and the Chinese companies listed on the foreign stock markets. This makes our screener the most complete stock screener for Chinese stocks.

Members of our premium, professional Europe or basic Eastern Europe memberships can now scan the 215 stocks primarily listed on the Moscow stock exchange in Russia to look for bargains following the recent fall of the Ruble.

In Brazil, premium and professional - Americas members can scan the 163 stocks with primary listing on bm&f bovespa in the wake of the Petrobras assets write-down.

Finally, we increased our coverage in Eastern Europe by adding Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.

With these recent additions, we now cover more than 31.500 stocks listed on 62 markets across the globe.