Discover the formula behind each measure

Olivier Dambrine 01 Jun 2016

Over the last few months, we invested quite a bit of time making sure that our glossary is up to date with not only the formula behind each measure but also the reason why we included it in our screener. We don't just include any measure and want to make our users know why a measure can be useful and, more importantly, in which situations it should or should not be used.

Dynamic glossary

But even with all this information, users were occasionally sending inquiries about values that were higher or lower than what they expected. Or sometimes they found different values on other investment websites.

To improve transparency, we decided to take our scorecard and glossary to the next level and include detailed values used in each formula. In the scorecard, please hover over the Earnings Yield to see exactly how it's calculated. (see screenshot above) In the links section of the scorecard, click on the link to the dynamic glossary. This takes you to a glossary that contains all measures, an explanation, and a formula. It also shows the formula with values for the selected company. You can see a screenshot for ROC below:

We released this feature in beta a few weeks ago, and feedback has been very positive so far. The increased transparency helps to understand the measures better, but more importantly, it creates more confidence in the numbers reported in the screener.

This new dynamic glossary feature is a free addition for all types of screener subscriptions and is available today. Enjoy!