Exciting new features - save to favorites and template stock screens

Olivier Dambrine 03 Sep 2012

We launched a new version over the weekend with a couple of exciting new features.

Save your favorites. Do you like to look at the Greenblatt Magic Formula best selection stocks in North America but for Europe, you prefer to use the ERP5 relative strength strategy? Now you don't have to reconfigure the screens every time you want to see them. Create each screen and click 'Add to favorites', add a name and description. The screens now appear in your favorites available in the top menubar. Your favorite screens will be saved in the cloud and will be available on all your devices!

Template screens. Just like in the legacy screener, we added the ability to select preconfigured screens that scored very well in our backtests. Now you can select these again from a list by clicking on the 'Template Screens' in the menubar. The system will then configure the primary factor and set the secondary filtering and sorting on the grid. In contrast to the old screener, you will be able to fine-tune the criteria to your own liking. (For instance, if you prefer to use a minimum Piotroski score of 8 instead of 7) The screener is now more transparent so you can see exactly which criteria are used for every screen.

These features combined with a few bug fixes should make the stock screening experience even better. If you have any more suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to send us a contact request!