Our more experienced users typically have a few screens they have taken great care to build. They run them on a regular basis to see what stocks come to the surface. It's extremely easy to save your favorites to our cloud, upon which they become available on all your devices.

To save your screen, click on the 'Add to favorites' button in the grid toolbar. A popup window opens with 2 panels:

  • The top panel allows you to select an existing favorite and overwrite it with your current screen.
  • In the bottom panel you can create a new favorite by specifying a name and an optional description. Click on the 'Create' button to create your favorite.
Add to favorites

All your favorites are available in the 'Favorites' item in the top menu. Clicking on 'Favorites' shows a list of all your favorites and a description. It also shows a 'Delete' button which allows you to remove the favorite from your list. Clicking on the name will open the favorite.