Make ValueSignals outperform again!

Olivier Dambrine 22 Nov 2020

while the portfolios of other value investing newsletters continued to struggle, the ValueSignals model portfolio is on track to beat the market again. With a YTD return (TWR) of 6.2%, we're 12.5 percentage points ahead of the STOXX600, which still shows a loss of -6.3%.

The charts below show that in 8 of the last nine years we have beaten the market with a significant margin. Moreover, our portfolio is less volatile, and for some strange reason, it performs very well during the last quarter of the year.

Newsletter performance

In each chart you see 3 lines:

  • Blue line: the time-weighted return of our portfolio.
  • Red line: the return of the STOXX600.
  • Yellow line: the alpha or percentage points difference between the portfolio and the STOXX600.

We're very proud of this result, and it proves again that investing does not have to be complicated. You don't need a master's degree in economics to invest in stocks. All you need is a stock screener and a little bit of time to review the stocks it brings to the list's top. If you're not confident enough, you can buy the recommendation we present in our newsletter every month. You can do it too!