After setting up your base filters in the 'Filter Menu', you can add additional filters and sort on a specific column. As explained in the multifactor analysis section above, our screener implements multifactor analysis as described by James O'Shaughnessy in the 4th edition of 'What works on Wall Street'. Instead of applying all filters on the basic data set as most other screeners do, we provide the ability to apply filters in levels. The results set retrieved by applying the filters defined in the filter menu can be fine-tuned further by adding one or more column filters in the grid. The results can also be ordered on a specific column, allowing you to select the top x stocks.

Our screener table can also be customized to build the exact screener you want. You can show or hide the columns you want to include, reorder the columns and specify the number of records you wish to include. The table is extremely fast as it only loads the data displayed on the screen, but you can also export the full result set to excel.

The table automatically adjusts to the width of the screen and shows as many columns as can be fitted on your screen. You can fine-tune the width of individual columns to show more columns if needed.

Here's an overview of the main features of the grid:

In the next section we will discuss all features in detail: