Value Investing in Israel

Olivier Dambrine 03 May 2015

According to Ori Eyal, manager of the EVCM fund and protege of Guy Spiers, it's a great time to invest in Israel. With a population of 7,6 million, Israel enjoys a technologically advanced economy, brimming with entrepreneurial activity. It has been called the "start-up nation" since it has more start-ups per capita than any country in the world.

Ori explains:

Most of these start-ups are technology-oriented. To some extent, this has resulted in less focus on non-technology companies in Israel. Non-tech companies are often overlooked by investors in Israel, which creates an opportunity for us. As a value investor, I love investing in stable, boring companies that generate lots of cash. Israeli banks, insurance companies, REITs, and old-fashioned industrials may not be as exciting as the hot new technology start-ups. Still, they can often generate great returns for investors with much lower risks.
To take advantage of this opportunity, he created the Emerging Value Israel Fund. Read more about this here

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