Value Stock Screener 3.0 available now!

Olivier Dambrine 28 Nov 2015

After many months of hard work, we finally released the new version of our value stock screener. It has been a formidable challenge, but with the help of many enthusiastic users and value investors, we managed to make our market-beating screener a lot better. The task at hand wasn't easy. Many of our users have been using the tool very successfully for the last 5 years, so they didn't want it to be tinkered with too much. At the same time, power users wanted to see the product evolve and enable more screening capabilities. To meet these goals and make the product much more extensible in the future, we decided to rebuild it from scratch while keeping it as close to the old screener as possible.

Value Stocks Screener 3.0

At first sight, the screener visually looks very familiar. We use the same UI objects, only a much more recent version. The top filter bar took quite a lot of the screen real estate and has been replaced by a slide-in panel. The grid and other objects have been replaced by new-generation components that make filtering and selecting extremely easy. And we made the screen even more interactive: every change in filters or sliders immediately gets reflected in the grid! You can see the screener refresh in real-time as you select your countries, markets, sectors, etc...

We took the time to rebuild literally every single element in the UI to make it as user-friendly as possible. Here are a few examples:

  • The trendy company search is now much faster than before, and stocks can be selected and removed with immediate impact on the grid.
  • The country, market, and sector selectors have a much-improved UI. You can select individual items or groups at the click of a button, and you can hover over the control to see a list of what you have selected.
  • The min and max market cap fields have been positioned next to each other, which make them much more intuitive to use.
  • Factors have been grouped below to make the multi-level analysis easier to build.
  • ...

But more importantly, we added some major new enhancements:

  • Freestyle screening. Before, a primary factor was mandatory and reduced the starting selection available in the screener (even if set at 100%, it was filtering out empty values). You can now start with the full selection of stocks by leaving the primary factor empty. And since we don't leave out any stocks (like banks, etc...), you get screening capabilities across the entire stock universe.
  • Multi-level analysis. We now offer 4 cascading factors, which allow you to select a subset of a subset of ... with each subset selection based on another factor. So if you want to get the top 20% of stocks with the highest price increase during the last 6 months, and in this group, you want to select the 20% stocks with the highest Earnings Yield, you can get these results in just a few clicks.
  • Watchlists. This was probably one of the most frequently requested features, and we have spent a lot of time making this as easy as possible. You can now very quickly enter 1 or more stock watchlists and add as many stocks as needed. These watchlists become available in the filter pane to quickly see the latest ratios for your portfolios. This should provide a significant time-saving compared to searching every stock individually to get the latest data.
  • Column selection. We added an easy-to-use column selector that allows switching on/off columns in the screener. We added a significant number of new factors in the grid, and if you want to create a favorite with only a selection of columns, this is now a breeze. Just set your filters, set the sort and column order, and finish off by selecting the columns you want to be included in the column selector window. Columns disappear or show up as you untick/tick them.
  • Favorites updates. We made it very easy to update your favorite screens. After applying an additional filter, you can select existing favorites from the list and update them with your final selections.
  • Improved Excel export. We significantly improved the export functionality, and you now get a fully formatted export in native excel format. Column names are now the same as the ones used in the grid, and local settings are used to determine the number formatting.
  • Improved stock detail templates. We revamped the stock detail section where you see more info about the selected stock and, for instance, details behind the Piotroski score. We plan to improve this further in the future as the more visual we can make this, the easier it becomes to understand.

Based on feedback from experts who have been piloting the new screener over the past few weeks, we're convinced that we achieved our goal. The 3.0 value stock screener is now even easier to use and makes a new set of complicated investment models accessible to all types of investors, even those who just started investing. And that has always been our mission since the outset. Making money on the stock market doesn't have to be that difficult. By using a backtested model and a good quality screener, everyone can do it.