ValueSignals 5 is live!

Olivier Dambrine 21 May 2021

As you will have noticed, we moved a new version of ValueSignals to production. It's built on the latest and greatest frameworks and provides significant improvements in performance and security. As we built it on .Net 5, we also skipped v4 and called it ValueSignals 5. Here's an overview of the changes:

ValueSignals DotNet5


  • We created a new documentation section that allows you to easily navigate through all the information we made available.
  • It now also offers the ability to search through all documents.
  • Finally, we revised some of the content to make it more specific by adding some examples.

Stock Screener

  • We significantly improved the perfomance of the screener by porting it to .NET 5, the fastest framework available. There are still some options left to explore to make it even faster, but you will already notice the difference.
  • We upgraded our UI to work seamlessly on different types of devices. The screener used to require a laptop or PC; you can now comfortably run it on a tablet or even on a mobile phone. That said, it still runs best on the biggest screen you can afford!
  • We improved some of the filters that previously were difficult to use, like, for instance, the market filter.
  • We revamped the content of the screener to make it more pleasing on the eyes.


  • We also upgraded the layout of the scorecard to make it more user-friendly
  • We made the navigation to the different scorecards more intuitive and allow searching for stocks from within specific scorecards.

Maybe most important of all, this move to .Net5 opens up a ton of possibilities. Thanks to the input of many of you, we have a lot of ideas to improve the service and make it even more useful. This upgrade should allow us to accelerate the rate at which we bring improvements to our products. On top of this, we will be able to expand our machine learning capabilities by using capabilities built right into the .Net 5 framework.

We hope you like our new platform! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have feedback!