Welcome to our new value investing site!!

Olivier Dambrine 15 Jun 2011

It's now already more than three years since MFIE launched its first screener. Over these years, our growing community of skilled investors gave us a lot of ideas for further research, and we have been able to develop some real gems. Some of you already successfully transitioned to those models, but we never clearly explained all screeners. So we decided to invest some time in this and launch a new site.

Our site was rebuilt from scratch and offers many exciting features amongst which:

  • A clear explanation on all screeners. Check out some of the latest screeners, such as 'ERP5 best selection' and 'Momentum screeners', which perform better than the older models. You can find all this in Strategies & Performance.
  • Our blog. Here our team and some of our most active users will post value investing-related topics. We encourage all members to subscribe to the RSS feeds in the blog and to add their comments.
  • Our new upgraded ValueScreeners software. We invested in a top-quality toolkit built on Silverlight technology which optimizes data transfer and leverages the local processing power of your PC. This way, we can serve the screener data at great speed to all parts of the world. This new technology also offers easy query and sorting, so it's effortless to now create your screener. We encourage all users to install Silverlight on their browsers and get all the benefits this gives. (For those of you that still want more time before converting, we left the old screener available in the 'classic' link in the top right-hand menu. This, unfortunately, doesn't have the more recent screens.)
  • A feedback forum. You can post feedback from within all the pages of the website and screeners. We received many good ideas for new screeners and general improvements to the tool in the past, but we want to make this more interactive. In the feedback form (accessible from the blue feedback link on the right), you can post your ideas. When you click through to the feedback forum, you will be able to review hot ideas and cast your vote.

We invite everyone to have a look at the site, and we hope you like it. We will keep improving the site & technology to make sure you have the best possible user experience. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know.